Beautiful photos of the auditorium of Rivers State NYSC Orientation Camp, Nonwa Gbam Tai has been trending online recently.

A quick look at the pictures gives an idea of how much money has been spent building and furnishing that edifice. I could hardly believe it’s still the same environment I did my NYSC Orientation some years back.

However, I hold a personal view that NYSC should be scrapped in Nigeria, giving the high rate of unemployment among Nigerian Graduates (youths). The billions of naira allocated to this scheme can be used to train our graduates in High Tech Skills like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robotics, Web Design, App Creation, Cyber security etc.

When international experts train these youths intensively for a period of one year, they will become self employed and independent. One can use these skills to secure jobs both locally and internationally from the comforts of their homes.

Whenever NYSC is being mentioned, many questions come to mind:

Has the scheme achieved its main objective?

Do we really need this type of program in today’s Nigeria where poverty, high rate of unemployment, insecurity, political instability, dwindling economy etc. is ravaging the country?

NYSC is making no significant impact in the overall wellbeing of our graduates. I see it as a waste of time and resources and therefore should be scrapped.

Written by:
Anthony Ekwubiri.

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